A History of Indo-Canadians in Ottawa
... A Journey Across Generations

Indo-Canadians are one of the most successful immigrant communities of Ottawa and the National Capital Region. This community is important and dynamic, and has made significant contributions to the social, economic and cultural fabric of our multi-cultural capital. Indo-Canadians of Ottawa are a diverse group, consisting of several sub-regional and linguistic groups with their own distinct culture and heritage. In this, they reflect the multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious character of their home country.

There has been no documented study of the Indo-Canadian community in Ottawa. The present project begins to fill this gap by documenting how this community has grown over some 60 years. In the beginning, a couple of pioneers came to Ottawa in 1948. This book narrates how those pioneers, followed by other immigrants and the second and even third generation Indo-Canadians, have made a mark and made their presence felt in both the public and private spheres in the National Capital Region.

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