Srikanth Bolla – Bollant Industries

Srikanth Bolla This 23-year-old tricked fate to build a Rs 50-crore company, Bollant Industries. Read the story here: When he was born, neighbours in the village suggested that his parents smother him. It was better than the pain they would have to go through their lifetime, some said. He is a “useless” baby without eyes… … Read more

Multi-Use Pathways Map for Ottawa-Gatineau

Multi-Use Pathways Map for Ottawa-Gatineau Source: The Capital Pathway network, which is great for many activities such as cycling, walking, running and in-line skating. You can view the Official Cycling Map for Ottawa-Gatineau and the Outaouais Region online or pick up a copy from any of the following locations . City of Ottawa Client Service Centres: City Hall, … Read more

Cycling Education Programs

Cycling Education Programs Source: Become more comfortable and confident on the road, learning assertive cycling skills, traffic analysis, general bicycle maintenance, route planning and more. The City’s cycling programs have been developed using the Canadian Cycling Association’s CAN-BIKE program. CAN-BIKE is oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling. Instructors are nationally certified highly skilled cyclists. Programs … Read more

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking Source: See the Ottawa Toursim video(link is external) to see how Ottawa is the Cyclist’s City. The City of Ottawa offers a number of options for parking your bike: Free parking at all city-owned parking lots and garages Red bike racks at various Transitway stations Bike racks at City of Ottawa client service centres, … Read more

Presto Passes Replacing Bus Tickets

Note: This article was borrowed from: June is the last month for ADULT paper passes. July passes will only be available on Presto. July is the last month for SENIORS and COMMUNITY paper passes. August passes will only be available on Presto. Make the switch to Presto today! Bus tickets are being discontinued in 2017! … Read more

Accessible Parking Permit (APP)

Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Note: This article has been borrowed from: Holders of a valid Accessible Parking Permit (APP) are entitled to special parking privileges in public parking areas and on public roadways. Ottawa residents with temporary or permanent disabilities can obtain an application for an Accessible Parking Permit (APP) by calling ServiceOntario at 1-800-267-8097 … Read more