Presto Passes Replacing Bus Tickets

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June is the last month for ADULT paper passes. July passes will only be available on Presto. July is the last month for SENIORS and COMMUNITY paper passes. August passes will only be available on Presto. Make the switch to Presto today!

Bus tickets are being discontinued in 2017!

Make the switch to Presto soon!

Please note: While a change in the type of ticket is required, no changes will occur without plenty of notice. In particular, we know that organizations that provide free transit tickets to clients will require a product that meets that need. We are currently finalizing what that product will be and how organizations will acquire it in a convenient manner. These changes are required to prepare for the launch of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018 as the current ticket cannot be read by the machines that will open fare gates. OC Transpo will work with organizations to ensure a suitable replacement to the current ticket is available.

If you represent an organization that provides free tickets to your clients or if you would like to book an OC Transpo presentation about the discontinuation of paper products, please email