The Resolution of the Special General Meeting (SGM)
of the ICCC General Body of members on 4th of Nov, 2017

“Property Exploration with the City of Ottawa for Community Centre space”

At the ICCC Members’ Special General Meeting (SGM) on the 4th of November 2017, it is resolved that:

  1. The term of the Property Exploration Committee is hereby extended till the AGM 2018.
  2. The mandate and structure of the Committee will be as follows:
    • The committee will continue negotiations with the City and make an effort to close the deal.
    • Nitya Varma will continue to be the Chair of the Committee.
    • The General Body hereby directs that the President of ICCC be immediately appointed to the committee.
    • Any written offer or proposal to the City must be signed by the President of ICCC.
    • The committee will furnish detailed monthly up to-date status reports to the ICCC Board.
  3. Proposals to the City of Ottawa: The Committee is directed to make proposals to the City of Ottawa according to the following stipulations:
    • On behalf of ICCC, the Committee is authorized to offer a contribution of $250,000 to City of Ottawa and negotiate the stipulated benefits to ICCC as follows, i.e. in consideration of ICCC’s contribution, ICCC expects that the City will:
      • Renovate the banquet hall in the ground floor as well as build a full-service kitchen to ICCC’s specifications duly negotiated and agreed upon;
      • Name the banquet hall (A & B) as “Indo-Canadian Community Hall” with a large signage in the lobby of the hall;
      • Renovate the smaller banquet hall (C) on the 1st floor (above the ground floor), and also name it “Indo-Canadian Community Room;”
      • Allow a perpetual lease at no cost to ICCC for exclusive use of the storage room and the adjacent large room E on the 1st floor;
      • Allow ICCC to put “ICCC Office” signage at the door, and permitted to charge rental for these rooms;
      • Grant ICCC 24 days in a year of free perpetual use of the banquet hall (meeting rooms A and B) and the 1st floor banquet hall (room C);
      • Develop logistics for ICCC’s booking of the banquet halls on 24 days.
    • If ICCC is not successful in negotiations, and if the City demands a greater contribution, the Committee is authorized to negotiate and increase the contribution up to a maximum of $350,000.
    • In the event, the City demands a contribution in excess of $350,000, and/or does not agree with ICCC’s proposed terms and conditions, and/or proposes terms and conditions that the ICCC Board is not authorized to approve:
      • The Committee will:
        • obtain a counter proposal from the City; and
        • submit a detailed report to the Board making a business case to call the SGM for approval of the terms proposed by the City;
      • The ICCC Board will call the SGM to deliberate on the committee report and the business case and accord approval and further directions to the Committee.
  4. Status Report to the AGM 2018: The Committee will present a detailed status report including:
    • Details of negotiations so far,
    • ICCC’s proposal and City’s counter proposal,
    • Situational Analysis at this stage,
    • Business case to proceed further
  5. Further directions: The General Body at the AGM 2018 will provide further directions.