Vijay Dhavale: Proud Indocanadians

In author’s words:

We, the Indians thought of migrating to Canada after immaculate planning and we were equipped with all necessary papers and went through all the necessary formalities. Canada accepted us with open arms and open minds without racial discrimination and accepted us purely on the basis of our credentials! … In return we all worked sincerely and obtained a graciously improvised life-style, affluence, respect and admiration for which we all are greatly indebted to… and do not hesitate to call ourselves ‘IndoCanadians’… No…this seems inadequate – I would rather make it ‘We-the proud Indo-Canadians!’ Dear Canada, I hope you don’t mind it….!

The best way I could express my gratitude was through this book that narrates individual experiences from 20 grateful Indians in voicing their admiration and gratitude towards Canada! These 20 people hailed from different States (of India), with variable backgrounds who had different appreciative characteristics of India and would play as the ecstatic reflections merging with those of Canada!

— Dr. Vijay Dhavale [613-523-6357]