About Indo-Canadian Community Centre

The Indo-Canadian Community Centre (ICCC), an Ontario Non-profit Corporation, incorporated in June 1977 in Ontario, is a registered charity that operates under the taxation laws of Canada. ICCC is governed by an elected Board of Directors pursuant to the Bylaws of the corporation.

Mission of ICCC

  1. Promote Indo-Canadian cultural heritage.
  2. Provide support services for seniors and youth.
  3. Undertake charitable and philanthropic initiatives.
  4. Own and maintain a community centre building for programs and activities.

Objectives of ICCC

  1. Promote the Indian cultural heritage among its Members and the larger Canadian community, which shall include Indian philosophy and related scholastic studies, spiritual discourses, history, Indian folklore, drama, dance, art, and sports;
  2. Offer a centralised, coordinated educational facility for Indian languages and cultural activities;
  3. Acquire, construct, maintain and equip a community centre building and related infrastructure, which may contain, among other facilities, a banquet hall/auditorium, reception area, kitchen, meeting rooms, seniors support facility, youth activity centre, library, gymnasium and recreation facility, and cafeteria;
  4. Solicit and accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests to promote and implement the objects of the Corporation;
  5. Provide conveniences and services in the Centre for use by its Members and their guests either gratuitously or upon such terms as the Board of Directors might prescribe;
  6. Carry on charitable and philanthropic initiatives at a personal, national and international levels, and in that regard to solicit and accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests;
  7. Conduct programs to facilitate integration of Indo-Canadians into the larger Canadian community, as well as for their general development; and
  8. Offer all its services in a secular fashion.


To establish a strong and visionary organisation with transparent and accountable governing structure.

To construct a building and the associated infrastructure that will serve the social, cultural, educational and spiritual needs of the community, and will be a landmark structure with a distinctive design and architectural prowess.

Proposed Facility at the Community Centre

  • Lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Banquet hall-cum-auditorium with a capacity of up to 450 persons
  • Library
  • Indoor fitness centre

Benefits to the Community

The proposed community centre will:

  • Bring the community together and will provide an environment for the exchange of views and sharing of distinctive cultural backgrounds
  • Serve as an outlet to present to the various levels of government the socio-economic challenges and various hardships faced by Indo-Canadians