ICCC Speakers Forum

Indo-Canadian Community Centre

Speakers Forum

An intellectually inspired Speakers Forum has operated for several years under the auspices of the Indo-Canadian Community Centre.  Its membership consists of professionals drawn from diverse fields, scientists, engineers, physicians, accountants, economists, and so on.

The Forum has 20 members who meet once a month, normally at Restaurant International, Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroffe Avenue. Presentations by members are accompanied by the social component of getting together at lunch.


The Forum provides a venue for individuals to enlighten their fellow members, by drawing on their academics and exceptionally rich personal experiences, while at the same time benefiting themselves from the intellectual stimulation, which is so essential for a healthy brain.

Requirement to Join the Forum

It is imperative for an individual joining the Forum to agree to take his/her turn and carry out research on a topic of interest and present a paper.  Normally, a précis of the paper is circulated ahead of time.

For more information

Those interested in finding more about the Speaker Forum’s activities or joining it, may contact Beant Barewal at 613-226-5990.

Topics covered to-date

Following presents a sample of topics covered to-date:

  • Salient Features of Buddhism
  • Earthquakes, Tsunami and Fukushima
  • What Causes Earthquakes, Building Codes and Structures
  • Futuristic View of India-2050
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Chinese History, Confucianism, Opium Wars, Rise of the Republic, Communism
  • Trauma, its Impact, and Resolution
  • Early Indian History—from Harappan/Mohenjodaro Days to the Arab Invasion, 712 AD
  • The Date of the Rigveda, and the Aryan Migration
  • Credit Crisis 2008
  • Contribution of Jews to the Mankind
  • Wind Mills as the Source of Energy
  • History of Jats in India
  • Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  • European Sovereign Debt Crisis
  • A Provocative Scenario of Futuristic Trends in Computer Technology and Robots
  • Aging Well
  • Economic Growth in China and India—a Comparative Analysis
  • Role of Subhas Chandra Bose in India’s Freedom Movement
  • The Third Industrial Revolution

Beant Barewal
Coordinator, ICCC Speakers Forum